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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher, March 2017

Feb 25, 2017 09:07PM

A diligent practice of nourishment is one of the highest forms of self-love. If approached with intention, our diet can lead us on a delicious journey of exploration through various cultures and seasons. Ultimately we learn the most about ourselves, our bodies and our psyches when we pay attention to how different food choices create our world. A desire to prepare meals for joy and optimal health also intimately connects us with the Earth and other species that contribute to our sustenance, and the synergy brewing in those vital relationships is a powerful force for goodwill. 


This issue focuses on the various, unique interactions between food and individual systems. It explores the inner conversation and evolving self-awareness that help us maintain homeostasis and takes an in-depth look at how balanced nutrition and optimal gastrointestinal health are vital to longevity. In feature article “Fearless Eating” (p. 30), contributor K. Barnes provides an overview of dietary sensitivities, and E. Givler, a local genetic nutrition consultant, further explains how genes contribute to our overall dietary experience, including specific reactions and triggers. 


Dietary allergies and sensitivities can severely hinder our quality of life; seeking sources of relief should be a priority in our commitment to self-care. The path to dietary freedom and enjoyment is often well served by the guidance of nutritional experts and highly specialized testing approaches. 


As always, the body is an infinitely wise teacher of how best to serve and navigate the complexity of our human experience. Balancing taste sensations with wholesome choices that fulfill our deepest nutritional needs is empowering. It is truly a spiritual practice and gift to experience the communication between mind and body. Daily acts of self-nourishment can be supremely nurturing when we take into account the energy, pace and emotion surrounding our food choices. This insightful approach includes creating a gentle atmosphere of curiosity and openness; free of stress, guilt and worry.  



Which rituals and means of inner guidance are currently shaping your dietary practicesLet food be thy medicine” is a timeless mantra that empowers and reassures culinary explorers that any time and energy spent consciously seeking what best resonates with our appetite and overall health is well worth the effort.  




Here’s to a toxin-free, fresh and hearty approach to snacks, meals and feasts of all sizes. Our moments of dining together or alone are important to receive, connect and reflect—a mindful and most grateful communion. 


~Jacqueline & Kendra 

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