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Letter From the Publisher February 2017

Jan 26, 2017 12:14AM

Kendra Campbell & Jacqueline Mast

Living well is an art. A commitment to treating each day as a gift is one of the pinnacles of gratitude and naturally refines life’s priorities. As we slow down to honor the sanctity of life’s precious transitions, surrender softens the unfolding of the mystery, glimpses of eternity slide into focus and often tiny miracles are revealed. 


Many mark life’s milestones together but the experience is always a personal endeavor requiring trust and often an amount of bittersweet celebration in each shift. The way reveals the gifts, the tasks, the questions and answers that translate meaning toward some unknown end, and throughout a multitude of contexts, illuminates the ultimate solitary crossing we all share. 


Acceptance is a powerful form of autonomy at any point in the journey which enables choices that honor individual rites of passage, defining legacy and protecting dignity along the way. Decisions either constrict or expand a person’s sense of self and the great opportunity of remaining open to the highest source of love in the world. 


February’s issue illustrates just how integrated and powerful this final return to wholeness can be and how tender, conscious preparation can sweeten the grand passage with a grace and levity that eases one’s lifetime into restful closure. Divinity persists through the enigma, and for many faiths, this moment provides a holy space, a thinning of the veil and opportunity for redemption, release and farewell. 


Fortunately, resources for creating optimal end-of-life circumstances and protection of rights that elevate this moment remain active in the hospice and palliative care movement that is dedicated to bringing a thoughtful, compassionate presence to the bedside. This issue takes an invaluable look at these options and the teams that comprise the spiritual support and practical guidance for prioritizing individual wishes. 


The depth of empathy and patient wisdom provided by these earthly angels is unsurpassed in the most fragile and trying of times; their specialty is in creating a sanctuary of decency and comfort, acknowledging the imperfect glory in these stages that mark our final days. This form of humble heroics deserves our sincerest accolades and deepest gratitude. I’d like to specifically honor Kendra, having served nearly 20 years as a hospice and palliative care social worker, holding a precious space and sharing her profound gifts with each patient.   




We affirm each individual’s beliefs and needs for moving with integrity and peace through this time of life. 


              ~Jacqueline & Kendra 

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