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The Necessity of Vitamin D for Overall Health

Sep 01, 2016 11:28AM

Vitamin D is one necessary nutrient the body needs for healthy and optimal function.  Previously, it was thought that vitamin D only aided in supporting healthy bones, but evidence now shows that it can help prevent cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and also assists in lowering high blood pressure, according to The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book, 4th Edition. Because vitamin D also improves muscle function, it is now recognized as an important factor in fall status among the elderly. In other words, elderly who have higher vitamin D levels have decreased falls.

According to SpectraCell Laboratories, a leading clinical lab specializing in personalized disease prevention and treatment, “Today, individuals are looking for ways to not only manage illness with personalized treatment plans, but they are also seeking to achieve a higher level of wellness.” For example, if there is a vitamin D deficiency, this can be treated prior to any symptoms, maximizing that individual’s wellness experience and helping to keep disease at a distance.

We now know that vitamin D prevents certain diseases, so it has become a vitamin of utmost importance—now more than ever. Understanding deficiencies has become a significant part of today’s approach to health and well-being for every individual. It can be concluded that as subclinical deficiencies are more highly understood, their role will become imperative in treating the individual in every stage of well-being.

Jeannie Peck, T.N., F.N.C., is owner of Health by Design, located at 344 E. Main St., in Leola. Connect at 717-556-8103 and

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