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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

October 2013 Letter From the Publishers

Sep 30, 2013 10:37PM ● By Jacqueline Mast


I will never tire of the beautiful night sky with its vast and mysterious unknown. This fascinating universe presents many realms to explore, and I feel that the link between inner space and outer is not subtle. Through the study and use of techniques in healing that focus on replenishing the life force, I’ve gained a deeper sense of wholeness and a refreshed perspective on the nature of reality, merging science with alchemy and making miracles possible every day. Tapping into the pulse of nature emphasizes endless potential for transformation, and over the years, paying attention to the energetic balance has proven valuable for my personal rejuvenation.

It is clearly a powerful time to be alive, as the priority for living with integrity reigns and light peeks through the cracks of ongoing worldwide changes. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, a significant contributor over the past several decades to this movement in global and personal awareness, has been a true visionary for the belief in a better future. Upon glimpsing a splendid view of the Earth during his return trip from the moon in 1971, he had sudden insight into the meaning of our interdependence and universal connections. This revelation led him to start the Institute of Noetic Sciences, based in Petaluma, California, which continues avid research into the relationships between healing, positive change and the nature of consciousness.

I am led to mention his legacy as we present our newest edition. With its complementary themes of energy and environment, the issue weaves together the delicate co-existence of a transitioning ecosystem and evolving humanity. Illustrating the scope of progress in these paradigm shifts, writer Linda Sechrist portrays the renewing effect of inner re-connection in “Energy Healing Comes of Age” on p. 20. Acknowledging energy medicine as an ancient prescription that has come full circle, her piece suggests that the world is ready for this next breakthrough in medicine, perhaps one solution to our struggling health care system. This call for self-nurturing offers an opportunity for clarity and purpose within, bringing us into harmonious relationship with the Earth.

This issue resounds with a respect for strides in pro-active environmental attitudes and keen knowledge about ecological issues. Change agents everywhere are combining efforts and riding the wave, in touch with the land, pouring compassion into conservation and hearing calls to truth in action that stir from deep within.


We celebrate conscious efforts taken every day in this community to enrich the circle of life.

                        ~Jacqueline, Kendra & Lois


Jacqueline Mast, Kendra Campbell & Lois Schultz Co-publishers

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