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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter from Publishers

Sep 30, 2013 10:39PM ● By Jacqueline Mast

My summer travels included the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and Zen rhythm of a long road-trip. Dipping into the South for some comforting family time and then over to the shore for a stretch of brilliant sand, sky and sea, the journey was a refreshing release and a welcome chance to reset.

Time on the road always provides rejuvenating moments of in-between—quite similar to fitness routines that allow space for active reflection, healthy detachment and letting go. No matter the intended goal, exercise always soothes and empowers the mind, body and soul. This issue explores the perspective that fitness not only brings physical and mental benefits, but can also nurture spiritual connectedness.

“Whole Body Workouts,” p. 16, describes the compelling research of Andrew Newberg, a Philadelphia-based physician and neuroscientist, who shows that meditative exercise can positively alter the brain and heighten a special sense of well-being. Local chiropractor Dr. Matthew Lapp gives a complementary perspective in “Celebrating the Gifts of the Spine,” p. 27, when he explains how the functional alignment of the spine may also affect one’s mood and mindset.

The age-old tradition of yoga, a practice that has been shown to reduce stress and increase a number of positive emotions, embodies an awareness of physical posture, mental focus and the interconnectedness of all things. Our feature entitled, “Releasing Trauma and Building Resilience,” p. 22, discusses how yoga promotes self-awareness for powerful healing. Local instructor Amanda Burke shares wise insights for tapping intuition and setting boundaries to ensure a safe, personalized experience in “The Gentle Warrior,” p. 23.

It’s as simple as taking the first step to find an enjoyable path of activity that relaxes the mind and replenishes vital energy. Here’s to faith in the process and to moving through life with the heartfelt belief that at any given moment, our pace is perfect.

Feel good, live simply, laugh more.

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