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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher- June

May 30, 2013 10:59AM


Last month we had the pleasure of taking a trip to beautiful Naples, Florida, for the Natural Awakenings owners’ conference. As our plane departed, I took a moment to reflect on all that has transpired during this first year of our publishing adventure, and was struck by its parallels to flying. The latter always fills me with a surge of positive energy, and that familiar thrill was not unlike the creative process in which we have been immersed. All journeys call for a certain trust in the unknown, as well, while simultaneously representing infinite possibilities.

When meaningful opportunity connects with intuition and receptivity, that inner spark of motivation can trigger the feeling of boundless potential. An inspiring mood grew as the group of publishers gathered, one by one, until an electric enthusiasm proved the synergy of our collective forces. Converging from communities throughout the nation, we enjoyed greeting each other to share stories and insights. Kudos were offered freely toward Natural Awakenings founder Sharon Bruckman, who planted the seed of the magazine nearly twenty years ago; her heartfelt vision for spreading good health and compassion continues, as does the light of her warm presence.

The magnitude of future possibilities was evident as many viable ideas surfaced, but the consistent theme was one of being present to listen and empower each other. We were treated to an uplifting morning with spiritual teacher Panache Desai. The circle he created turned into a beautiful interaction of honesty, inherent truths, tears, humor and irony, calling us all together in our imperfect, divine humanity. The message of unabashed self- acceptance, delivered in his straightforward, affable manner, effortlessly sent a ripple of pure freedom around the room.

The experience reinforced a wave of connection and solidified the reality of personal dreams and global visions that are materializing daily. I share these stories with a profound belief in the bliss of following your heart from one fascination to the next.


In a month of honoring fatherhood, we open this issue in dedication to all men, including brothers, uncles, grandfathers and sons, to celebrate strength in stillness, honor in balance and personal success measured in moments of joy. The three of us reaffirm our commitment to supporting your highest potential and invite you to take time to be inspired.

          ~Jacqueline, Kendra & Lois

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