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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

February 2013 Letter From the Publishers

Feb 01, 2013 01:19AM

Have you looked at your hands lately? Gorgeous, unique, lined works
of art, they are capable of so many subtle and amazing acts. Just the other day, as I examined the exquisite and worn designs
on mine, I contemplated their anatomical brilliance and grace
in dexterity. These marvelous and intuitive parts of ourselves keep
us in touch with life and fill a permanent spot near the top of my gratitude list.

As the years pass, my roster of thanks becomes simpler, more tender and ear- nest in acknowledging not only life’s gifts, but also that which can be given. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then our hands could be considered the conductors of our hearts. Even as I write this, I feel warmth carrying my pen to form words, an energy of ease and joy coming from the center of my chest. I feel grounded, alive and comfortable, as this creativity becomes a natural flow of giving.

As I have become more acutely aware of the subtle but constant interrela- tion of all things, a desire for real connections has nudged me to understand how the pieces fit together. This winter issue of Bodywork & Relationships is brimming with inspiring ways to care mindfully for the bonds that sustain us. Paying attention is one of the themes reflected in our Body Alignment feature on page 20, which speaks to the peaceful harmony that results from self-awareness and intentional, healthy posture.

Cultivating a presence with self and others yields access to the intuitive wis- dom of the heart, opening a portal to empathy where understanding can flourish in the context of safe and genuine expression. Deeply honest sharing and focused listening has enriched my sense of joy and strengthened my relationships with oth- ers and myself. Trust is delicate, but the sacred act of extending a hand can build beautiful bridges and represents a precious energy exchange of which we are all capable. I remain so grateful for a community of resources and individuals over- flowing with healthy, vital and self-nurturing options.

May you enjoy a sweet and peaceful month,


  We invite you to notice the beauty and innate intelligence in the connec- tions that make up this world, be it our own bodies or the complexity and depth of friendships. There are so many ways to celebrate love; consider taking               time to sample special delicacies this month and engage in your own style of heartfelt and delicious living. 

                 ~Lois, Jacqueline & Kendra

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