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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

December 2012 Publishers' Letter


Amidst this season of festive celebrations, we pause to appreciate even the simplest of gifts. Beautiful expressions of hope, faith and kindness abound as we bring to a close this epic year of transfor- mation and rebirth. We trust that you find such inspiration in the stories and ideas presented in our December issue—Uplifting and Awakening Humanity.

It has been mere weeks since
we anxiously waited and watched
as the most devastating hurricane to hit the Northeast cut its ruthless path up the coast. This storm irreversibly affected thousands of lives and communities, and evoked a collective compassionate outreach that is profound. Countless ongoing acts of generosity were initiated as clothes, food and more were gathered and sent to New York and New Jersey to help those facing losses. Many in our area opened their homes to friends and family from the north and east as people waited to safely return to their communities. The three of us wish to acknowledge and honor these and other expressions of love and service shared throughout the year.

Mark Nepo, in The Book of Awakening, addresses the paradox of surviving difficulties in life to arrive at the beauty of a “peaceful, enduring center.” We love the proffered promise in his reference to 14th-century Japan, “All tempest has... a hole in its middle, through which a gull can fly, in silence”. As we reach out to help others, we confirm that what matters in any situation is the strength of connection founded on a belief in Oneness, as highlighted by writer Linda Sechrist in “It’s All About We,” starting on page 14. This new vision that our time is calling forth is eliciting a powerful healing grace as people everywhere find common ground, and that gentle perspective is becoming our reality. On page 12, local composer Tina Davidson’s journey and approach toward seeing in

new ways illustrates this awakening process, that it is in “the present me and the future, where the possibilities of healing exist.”

In this festive season, let’s share in gratitude for life’s simple goodness, savor- ing the sweet memories we make while enjoying delicious treats around holiday tables. As this month’s contributors portray, unconditional love begins within and provides a platform to unify us all to a better way of being. We encourage you to keep reaching out, honoring yourself and others in new ways, to experience the sacredness of flow and harmony... with eyes and hearts wide open.

Blessed holidays and peace to all,

Jacqueline Mast, Kendra Campbell and Lois Schultz, Co-Publishers 


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