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Justin Bortz

Opening Up a New World with Intentional Jewelry Designs

The redesign of the classy shop along Penn Avenue exemplifies the feeling that Justin Bortz set out to create with his jewelry designs. New World Jewellers is home to unique, handcrafted jewelry made with love by Bortz. The shop’s essence fills the senses with a glowing warmth as a feeling of welcoming peace greets guests and creates an understanding of loveliness. Shelves crafted from the prunings of the more-than-700-year-old Sacred Oak Tree of Oley Valley, Pennsylvania, evoke a centering and nourishing connection with the earth.

The Midnight Swan, chosen by Bortz as his symbol, represents the bridge between Earth and the heavens. “As an animal totem representative of my life’s journey, the Midnight Swan brings inner beauty to the outer world,” avows Bortz. “I infuse love when creating each design, with the intention of bringing awareness of the higher love meant for them as they wear the piece, which is special in its own right, but also brings out the special quality of the person.”

Bortz’s intentional process of infusing distinctive characteristics into his jewelry involves researching, sketching, designing and shaping. A gemologist and designer, he marries personal experience with advanced training to fashion pieces that are meant to help people experience higher love. Whether he is creating his own designs or customizing designs to suit client ideas, he puts his heart and soul into his work.

Cases set upon tree trunk-shaped bases display jewelry according to themes: Inspiration, Bonding, Celebration and Mother Earth. The themes enrich the body and spirit by gifting not only a custom creation, but also a purpose for the wearing of the jewelry that will bring with it a certain sentimental memory.

New World Jewellers’ latest rebranding, “What of you is she wearing?”, will include engagement ring designs featuring pink spinel gemstones. “Spinel stones align with the seven chakras, which are the energy centers of the body, and pink spinel opens the heart chakra,” explains Bortz. “Its level of hardness is resistant to scratching, making it perfect for daily wear. We believe a pink spinel engagement ring is a loving tribute to a woman from the man who cherishes her and asks her to join him in marriage. In a tender presentation, he gives her a part of himself that she will wear every day.”

After perusing the jewelry cases, guests are invited to stroll to the back of the shop where The Subtle Realm Lounge is located. While enjoying a delicious cup of exotic coffee that comes from local merchants and around the world, guests can look at artwork and handmade gifts, or sit back, relax and share a story.

Ever grateful, Bortz is an authentic person who shares his light with the world from a lovely shop in West Reading.

New World Jewellers is located at 438 Penn Ave., in West Reading. For more information, call 610-373-1101, email or visit

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