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Practical Tips For Workplace Mindfulness

Decades of research show that being mindful is linked to being more focused, less stressed, happier and more compassionate. Companies, healthcare systems and schools are investing in mindfulness because it pays significant dividends in the form of employee engagement, productivity and customer/patient/learner outcomes. 

Practice conscious breathing. When we get stressed, our breathing become shallow. Make it a habit to take three full inhales and exhales when you receive a difficult email or have a stressful encounter with a colleague or client. 

Practice conscious sitting. Notice the sensation of sitting in your chair. Scan your body from head to toe.  Taking a few minutes to do this can change your day, your life and career. 

Practice conscious movement.  Be aware of yourself typing at your computer or running a report to a coworker.  Find simple ways to pay attention to your movement.  

Practice mindful listening. Mindful listening means setting aside our own agenda for a moment and attending to what another person is saying instead of planning our response while they are talking.    

Seek first to understand.  Research shows that working from a place of empathy improves employee well-being as well as client/patient/learner results. 

Work WisdomLLC  specializes in mindfulness in the workplace. To learn more, contact Sarah Colantonio at 

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