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Rhonda Larson Educates, Guides and Empowers Clients on their Journey of Healing

Rhonda Larson

Rhonda Larson

Educationsupport and empowerment are Rhonda Larson’s guiding principles in working with clients on their way to restoring physical, mental and emotional health. As a naturopathic practitioner, she takes a whole-body approach. “Some of my clients request a nutritional consultation or detoxification session, while others have chronic and auto-immune issues,” explains Larson. “I delve deeper with each client to learn more, often finding an emotional reason behind a physical issue.”  


She finds Theta Emotional Release technique effective in supporting many of her clients. “A client may have an unhelpful belief system that was learned either during childhood or throughout life,” says Larson. “The technique helps clients adjust their thoughts and find a new belief, helping to bring the body and emotions into balance.”  


Larson is advancing her studies to become a certified functional medicine practitioner. Functional medicine often includes lab testing to assist in determining the underlying causes of a particular health issue. “The question on many clients’ minds is, ‘Why am I not feeling well?’” she says. “I help to solve the puzzle. Each person’s situation is different. A client’s health history and functional lab tests allow me to tailor recommendations for each individual.” 


During the first appointment, a client completes health history questionnaires which include emotional, mental, spiritual and physical components. Larson considers diet and nutrition, possible toxicity in the surrounding environment, electromagnetic radiation pollution and other factors that could be related to the individual’s experience of poor health, but which may not have been assumed as causes by the clientAfter closely considering what the client has shared and learning their goals, recommendations are made for the next steps, such as dietary changes or detoxificationLab tests may be suggested in order to obtain a more detailed picture of a client’s unique body chemistry. After careful listening and gathering informationLarson creates an individual protocol which includes follow-up and ongoing support. 


In order to maintain health and balance in her own life, Larson has found the creative arts to be highly therapeutic. Inspired, she provides cooking demonstrations and presentations and leads creative art workshops for small groups.  


Beautiful Healing Journey received its name because all of us are on our own healing journey,” shares Larson.  “The beauty that can shine through the ashes of pain, grief and illness can be a testimony that healing, vitality and resilience are possible in any circumstance.”  


Rhonda Larson provides virtualand in-person services. For more information, call 717-341-3916, email or visit 

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