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Lee Sagula Presents Electromagnetic Fields’ Dirty Dozen

Lee Sagula

Lee Sagula

Lee Sagula, owner of EMF Professional Solutions, LLCwill present The EMF Dirty Dozen and have an informational booth at the Natural Living & Holistic Exposition, October 19 and 20at the Farm and Home Center, in Lancaster. During her presentation, she will discuss the top 12 electromagnetic field (EMF) issues she observes during her field assessments, as well as solutions for each. 


Trained as a Bau-Biologist Environmental Consultant (BBECand Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), Sagula has 17 years of experience and is one of only 25 Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists in the U.S. She helps educate, measure and remediate electromagnetic radiation (EMR) concerns such as powerlines, street wires, Smart meters, 5G technology, cell phones and much more. 



Location: 1383 Arcadia Rd., Lancaster. For more information, visit 

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